Hi, I am Sheena Martin.

I am a top rated photographer located in the Largo, Fl area while servicing the Tampa Bay and further.

I was born and raised in Michigan until I was 14. My father then decided he wanted to move to Florida. I have been in Florida a majority of my life now. When i was around 22 I met the love of my life and a few years later had my handsome son.

My husband is a Positive/Political Hip Hop artist who was a big do it yourself type of person. So, when it came to photos for his image or videos I was always asked to help. Well, that lead to people asking who was doing his photos for him so, I then started to pick up artists as clients and then that lead into other photography ventures which lead me to where I am today.

We opened our studio in June of 2021 in the midst of the covid pandemic. We are still holding strong to this day.

Today, my husband and I are a duo team taking on the Tampa Bay area. I handle the Photography side and he shoots all the video.



“What an amazing experience I will definitely come back! She was so patient and interactive with my two year old daughter I can't wait for the final product, from the few shots I saw I know she stuck gold.”