Contract must be agreed upon and signed in order to book

This Video Package includes, minimum of 3 hours required to book.

Price is based off choice of: 4K Video Footage or HD Video Footage

1 Complete Edit of Video (5 minutes or less)

30 second Promo Video.

Tredale McCullough aka Trey Libra has the right to upload footage/images to websites and social media websites he owns or administrates for promotional purposes. Tredale/ 39 Lashes Media is not responsible for finding actors, extras, props, models, or finding locations. In some cases, we will help provide props if discussed before booking. Clients are responsible for any fuel/gas outside of a 30-mile radius of Largo, FL. In case of a date that's scheduled on a rainy or stormy day, we will reschedule at no additional cost.


A deposit of 75% is due upfront to book a desired date 39 Lashes Media/Breaking Rules Media. It's important to let us know how many hours you need for your video shoot. All deposits are due two weeks prior to film date. If for some reason you contact 39 Lashes Media/Trey Libra 13 days or less prior to your desired film date please have the deposit paid no later than 24hrs after initial phone conversation, email, or direct message. This deposit is non-refundable. You are not guaranteed a date until the deposit is paid in full. This means the date is still open for other potential clients and we will not mark you on our calendar. Once deposit is paid in full, a specific date to film will be discussed. The remaining balance of (25%) is due the day of video shoot (before shoot begin) If the discussed date is changed by client or canceled by client, the client may be subject to pay another deposit for a new date or cancel their original video shoot without refund. If for some reason the date is changed by Tredale there will be some type of discount given.


We retain the rights to use any footage captured the day of video shooting. If you have any special request

for us not to upload footage before a specific date, please let us know. The copyrights of all original and unused video footage produced by 39 Lashes Media/Breaking Rules Media are retained by Tredale McCullough. Original and unused data files remain the property of Tredale. If you wish to do so you may purchase additional footage for a fee.


If any equipment/props/belongings/etc belonging to Tredale is broken or stolen by the client or parties of the client during the video shoot, they are required to pay the expense of that particular piece of equipment before any video or video files will be released.


Clients will receive 1 .mp4 file for the "Music Video" for their own purpose of uploading to the web and

5 digital images. If the client is not satisfied with 1st edit, the client will be granted 1 more re-edit for free at their

request. (Any edits after 2nd edit is subject to a $50.00-$100.00 per render/edit fee based on changes wanted.) This price does NOT include any type of Blue/Green/Chromakey style video or editing.


The process to finish a music video edit can take up to two weeks. Clients are

responsible for getting Tredale all mastered songs, graphics, and related material within a 48-hour window after the original video shoot if they wish to have their finished product in two weeks.

Terms & Conditions:

  • VIDEOGRAPHER and CLIENT agree that PHOTOGRAPHER is under no obligation to capture any specific moment or pose or person(s) during the SHOOT.
  • VIDEOGRAPHER is not responsible for poor choices such as outfits, hair/makeup, location, etc
  • If VIDEOGRAPHER is unable to perform the services in this contract due to any cause outside its control, client agrees to indemnify videographer for any loss damage or liability; however, VIDEOGRAPHER will return in full all payments made by CLIENT to VIDEOGRAPHER in relation to this SHOOT
  • CLIENT agrees to indemnify and hold harmless VIDEOGRAPHER for any liability, damage, or loss related to technological failure, including data loss.
  • CLIENT understands and agrees that VIDEOGRAPHER is not required to maintain copies of the videos from this shoot 60 (sixty) days after the videos have been delivered to CLIENT.
  • CLIENT agrees to hold VIDEOGRAPHER harmless for any personal injury which may occur as the CLIENT poses or works with VIDEOGRAPHER.
  • VIDEOGRAPHER will strive to present videos in a workmanlike manner but is not required to cater to specific aesthetic preferences of CLIENT.
  • Duty of Client: CLIENT will obtain all permissions necessary for VIDEOGRAPHER to film at the SHOOT. VIDEOGRAPHER has no duty to obtain permission of reception centers, churches, buildings, properties, or other locations to operate thereon. CLIENT understands and agrees that any failure to obtain these permissions resulting in fines to videographer, or which prevent videographer from filming the event(s) is not the fault, liability, or responsibility of videographer.
  • Exclusive Videographer: CLIENT agrees and understands that no other party other than VIDEOGRAPHER may take film/pictures of any poses, lighting situations, or setups made by the videographer. This slows down the videographer’s work and violates the videographer’s right to film of the event. CLIENT agrees to take responsibility for insisting that no person(s) get in the way of the VIDEOGRAPHER or take pictures/film in these situations.
  • Model Release: CLIENT grants permission to VIDEOGRAPHER and its assigns, licensees, and sublicensees, permission to use CLIENT’S image or likeness in any and all forms of media for commercial purposes, advertising, trade, personal use, or any and all other uses. Therefore, VIDEOGRAPHER may use CLIENT’S likeness and image/video on VIDEOGRAPHER’S website or other advertising. VIDEOGRAPHER may sell photos/videos containing CLIENT’S likeness to third parties.
  • Assignability and Parties of Interest: CLIENT agrees and understands that, unless otherwise specified in this Contract, CLIENT is not contracting for a personal service that will be performed by any specific videographer. VIDEOGRAPHER may sub-contract or assign this contract to any second-shooter, VIDEOGRAPHER may assign any videographer associated with the VIDEOGRAPHY COMPANY to perform its duties under this contract. All videographers must be capable and competent to perform the services in a workmanlike manner. 

Contact Info

  • Tredale L. McCullough aka Trey Libra
  • 813-591-7994

Terms & Conditions Agreement